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5 Signs of Dental Pain

Your pets can't tell you when they're suffering from a toothache or other types of pain. If you notice any of these signs, contact your veterinarian to schedule an exam.

Stress Triggers for Cats

Are you contributing to your cat's anxiety and behavior issues? It's possible if you do any of the following.

Stress Triggers for Dogs

Are you contributing to your dog's anxiety and behavior issues? It's possible if you do any of the following.

4 Things to Know About Your Pets Skin Issues

Pet's skin conditions can drive an entire household crazy with the constant biting, licking and so much scratching. But if your pet is suffering from a skin problem, there's hope.

What is a Wellness Screen

Many pets appear normal upon physical examination, and their abnormalities would go undetected without a wellness screen - a blood test designed to detect these silent problems.

Pet Food

Once you get past the marketing and product claims, what are you really feeding your pet? When it comes to the best nutrition for your dog or cat, always start at your veterinary clinic.

Overweight Pets

Try these simple at-home tests to see if your beloved pet should see the veterinarian for weight control.

Getting Your Pet in Shape

Weight loss is tough for anyone two or four-legged. But losing weight and getting in shape not only adds years to your pet's life, it can also make those extra years more enjoyable.

Heartworm Life Cycle

Understand how heartworms can infect your pet is crucial to prevention.


Parasites can cause a variety of health problems for your pet- and even death. One of the biggest concerns is the potential for them to spread to people. Know the signs and detection.

Protect Your New Cat

Not sure how to be the perfect cat parent? Here's help to make sure your cat is purring all the way into their senior years.

Protect Your New Dog

Make sure your dog starts off on the right paw with these tips and guidelines to keep them happy and healthy.

How to Poison Proof Your Home

Protect your pet by taking the following room-by-room precautions.

What to Do If Your Pet is Poisoned

Your pet has just ingested something toxic. What do you do? The more cool, calm, and collected you are, the sooner you can seek the correct medical attention. Then get a handle on the situation by taking the following steps.

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